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ACT vs New SAT vs New PSAT

What are you using your tax 1040 for? College or Buying a Home? SOS specializes in Freedom and Lifestyle!!! Your credit effects your lifestyle and financial aid package. If you, your spouse or children are considering going to college or buying a home, let us know!!! This is why... At tradition financial aid offices in colleges, you're most likely just a student number. When we do your FAFSA, the 1st two things we're digging for is multiple grants not just what FAFSA grants. Also, if you have a "Gap" meaning: your not fully funded, a personal or parent plus loan is required. If you're credit isn't quantifiable, that's why you hear individuals have an out-of-pocket expense or monthly payment. Let's get ahead of that reality, with strong credit and tax information!!!

This is our finding. You take the Pre-SAT a.k.a. PSAT 9-11 grade but it is a junior year test for SAT test awareness, potential national merit and college scholarship/ money. ACT and SAT are required for university admittance. Junior colleges do not require these test. It also appears the New SAT is probably easier to pass than the ACT. GOOD LUCK!!!

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