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 Reliable Tax Services



SOS Reliable Tax Services in Terrell, Mesquite, Kaufman, Paris  & Tyler, TX 

My name is Dusty Henderson. Over the past couple of decades, When people ask me, "What do you do? I excitedly said, "I sell Hope for a living." My background is in inspiring the dream in "What Life Can Be". This is what I found... When it came to the financial phases of the dream, people were not as ready as they thought they were, so they weren't as ready as they could have been.

Financial after-shocks can become nightmares, 5-10 years down the line, with buying a home and going to college, if you're not informed how to be ready. They both begin with your 1040 you file every year. Now, I'm in the "Faith" business, The Substance, of things Hoped for. 

You only have one life to live but if you do it right, that's all you need.

Live your life by design, not by default!!!

Have an Awesome Day and an Amazing Life With Us!!!

Dusty Henderson

PS. Did you know the online software isn't going to get you the most of your tax preparation and refund. Without being educated through the IRS, a person can't do-it-yourself, the same amount of their Federal Income Taxes, as a we can provide. It's NOT about stretching your write-off information to maximize your return, its more about the span of knowledge and new yearly information, that leaves no money behind. That's how we maximize federal and state income tax returns.